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PVC windows are long lasting. They usually have a life of 16-22 Years if cared properly
PVC doors lasts up to 35 years if cared properly.
UPVC doors and windows expand and contract slightly with time. UPVC is considered very durable but does have extreme weather slight effects.
PVC is coated with plasticizers where uPVC are not. Plasticizers make the PVC flexible whereas uPVC is hard and inflexible.
Yes, uPVC windows does not catch or accelerate the fire.
Yes, if you want to adjust the height of an uPVC doors then it can adjusted by changing the position of screws
Installation process usually takes 2-3 hours on a standard size window.
uPVC windows and doors does not require any special chemical for cleansing. The process is pretty simple. Just use a sponge with warm soapy water.
Yes, PVC doors are waterproof which makes them ideal to be used in a washroom or outdoors
Yes, PVC doors and windows are extremely strong. Actually they are stronger than wooden or aluminum doors and windows
No PVC doors and windows are not vulnerable to cracks even under hot conditions.
Yes, PVC doors are energy efficient as they do have a built in thermal insulation which helps in keeping the home temperature steady.
Yes, PVC doors and windows have a thick insultation embedded in them which helps in reducing external sound or a  noise to significant level.
Just wipe the door with cold water and let it dry off.
Yes, you can get your PVC door painted with color of your choice.
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